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By: FMRR | January 09, 2016

MS Access vs Zoho Interest over time according to Google Trends tells a powerful story.

By: FMRR | December 28, 2015

Scheduler is a powerful feature in Zoho Creator that allows the application owner to create timed actions without any user input. These timed actions can be executed periodically based on the date and time values present in your form or on fixed date and time.

Zoho Creator supports three types of schedules. Form, Report & Custom. For birthdate reminders you need to use Form. Form schedules are events that are scheduled based on a date/time field in your form. (i.e) you will be able to specify a field in the form, whose value will be taken as the scheduling due date (or as start date and end date) in case of schedules with repeats like 'monthly' or 'yearly'.

By: FMRR | December 08, 2015

The Problem:

 How can I make it so when a phone number (String) is entered in a form like this:9876543210 it automatically formats it to 987-654-3210

By: FMRR | November 10, 2015

Custom Function to Update a value in Zoho CRM

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By: FMRR | November 03, 2015

list  LogHistory_Report
    displayname = "LogHistory Report"
    show  all  rows  from  LogHistory [(Added_Time < '10-Nov-2015' && Added_Time > '01-Jun-2015')]
        Added_Time as "Added Time"
        Added_User as "Added User"
            width = 250px
        Modified_Time as "Modified Time"
        Modified_User as "Modified User"

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