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By: CreatorScripts | May 22, 2019

Its important to highlight that this post assumes you are already familiar with proper subform creation in Zoho Creator. If you are not please check out our Master Zoho Creator Subforms course in the url below before implementing this custom function.

That being said let´s jump on to the process in question. We are using a Gym App for testing and the goal is to add Classes to a New Member dinamically so user does not have to add classes everytime.

First, you need to call ( get ) the Member record you are going to be working with. Second, you want to create a Form with the records you want to add. In this case our Main Courses is a predetermined number of classes a member can take. You can up...

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By: CreatorScripts | May 13, 2019

Caffè Moak, an Italian coffee roasting and distribution company, has been in business for over 60 years. What turned Moak into a “Made in Italy” quality brand is the careful selection of coffees, as well as a single roasting system–a process that respects the features of every single coffee bean and offers clients the pleasure of a real Italian espresso.

With different lines of products and varied sets of customers, Caffè Moak has become a global brand operating on five continents and exporting coffee to 65 countries.

Caffè Moak and Zoho Analytics

Caffè Moak had the need to analyze a range of sales and operational data from different sources. Their existing BI tool, QlikView, was overly complex, so they wanted to replace it with something more...

By: CreatorScripts | February 20, 2019

Social media marketing is dynamic, engaging, and most importantly, happens all in real-time. Conversations continue to take place. Whether you’re at work, at home, or out buying your 20th cup of coffee.

There will be moments when you’d want to send out a quick response to a follower, or post pictures of your booth that you captured at a busy event. For times like these, a few simple taps on a pocket-sized gadget is all you need, to get the job done.

Today, I’m super thrilled to announce a new and improved version of the mobile app!

By: CreatorScripts | February 15, 2019

Back in January 2018, Zoho Analytics integrated with HubSpot CRM to provide powerful sales analytics.

The integration comes with over 100 insightful reports and dashboards that any sales team can find great value in, instantly. The HubSpot CRM-Zoho Analytics integration allows you to get an overall view of your sales pipeline, gauge your sales team performance, measure win/loss rates, and do much more.

The advanced analytics connector for HubSpot CRM, powered by Zoho Analytics, was named as one of the fastest growing integrations of 2018, by HubSpot. It’s indeed a big moment for us to celebrate this achievement. At Zoho Analytics, we continuously strive to provide an exceptional analytics solution ...

By: CreatorScripts | January 17, 2019

Zoho Creator is a powerful tool when it comes to building applications online. However, when you start building complex scenarios and require the use of Html pages to convey different information based on user criteria you may stumble upon CSS challenges the app is not yet ready to handle.

The most common CSS error is related to views embedded on your Html page. When you click on the record to view the summary template build you get a fraction of the information displayed. See image below.

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