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By: CreatorScripts | May 27, 2016

Since Timesheet is one of our most popular modules, we are constantly working on improving your time logging and time tracking experience. As a result, we now have an enhanced version of Timesheet with added options and a different look and feel. Here’s what’s new:

By: CreatorScripts | April 21, 2016

All work has its quorum of humdrum. You may be a rock star and playing that solo in spotlight may give you an unparalleled high; but this only comes with the tedium of running through scale exercises for hours. If you are a salesperson, closing that hard deal may be rewarding; making sales notes for each call is not. Winning customer love feels awesome for any support agent, but closing an unending trail of inactive tickets, not quite so!

Gamescope is a layer we’re adding across our products to help you turn such tedious work into an exciting game.

By: CreatorScripts | March 14, 2016

Connect Zoho Projects with more than 500 apps using Zapier

Business information today is buried within multiple applications like sales, finance, and marketing. But good business decisions demand unified views of this data. Zoho offers a suite of tightly integrated cloud applications that can run an entire business, serving as a complete business operating system. Nevertheless, we also integrate with other apps.

Zapier is an integrated platform that connects applications and automates the flow of data between them. It allows business users to retrieve data from different systems, based on specific triggers.

Today, we are happy to announce that Zoho Projects has been added to this platform, allowing users to connect with more than 500 apps ac...

By: FMRR | June 08, 2014

This integration is one of the most powerful ones I have seen out there for Zoho API's not only because of its complexity to integrate both systems but also because of its usability in the business world.

There are thousands of Fortune 500 companies investing millions of dollars in creating software to eliminate silos within their corporate walls, but for most of them their systems are still fragmented and not part of a global strategy to manage for performance.... meaning... their CRM does not talk to Invoice, who does not talk to Operations, etc,etc

With this integration you can start breaking the sequence of capturing data more than once, speed up the process of creating business services, assigned them to team leaders and above all impres...

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