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By: FMRR | March 19, 2015

Is your team spending several hours just to submit an accurate mileage report at the end of the day?

You are not alone. Fortune 500 companies still have their employees submit a paper report or an excel spreadsheet with information on the accounts, clients or locations visited, calculate the average mileage they traveled and wait to get reimbursed on the next accounting cycle.

Wouldn´t it be awesome if your employees could log the mileage automatically as they visit each location? With Zoho Creator and Google maps API is now possible. Zoho Creator mobile app enables you to submit forms from your phone when you are surveying the market, visiting clients or simply performing maintenance to your business units.

Enabling the Google Maps API in your online database allows you to get all the power of Google Maps to your advantage and automatically calculate distance between addresses or coordinates. Feel free to test how it works in the Form view below. The API will update your Zoho Creator database automatically providing distance and time between addresses.

The Script you can use to accomplish this connection is shown below.

strFullData = "" + strAddress1 + strAddress2 + "&sensor=false&key=YOURAPIKEYGOESHERE"; 

distance = getUrl(strFullData);

If you need support implementing this feature in your Zoho Creator database do not hesitate to contact us.

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Posted on : November 13, 2015

It would be something to use the API to populate the current location
(like if they are onsite filling out documents) then you would use
their"base" address automatically. They never see the inputs,
but it gets logged automatically.<br />
<br />
Cool feature.

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