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By: CreatorScripts | February 09, 2016

Sometimes you need to pull ( fetch ) the emails of different users to be able to send them an email notification of a specific action in your zoho creator database.

So, you have a form that uses the "Users" look-up field, which is used to assign tasks , records, inventory to registered users on the app and would like to automatically send an email to the User when he/she s assigned a new task, record,inventory or anything else. Follow the instructions below on how to set it up.

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chandler holden

Posted on : January 24, 2018

Thanks mate for sharing about the smart software about the maverick entrepreneurs and as well. Creator scripts hope you share more of these soon. Keep me posted with more.

Otis Gideon

Posted on : January 18, 2018

Wow, This Zoho Creator seems a perfect mixture of information to be used for , This is going to be so incredible to learn all the hacks and get a better and improved way to use, share and fetch emails, Thank you for your share

harding barry

Posted on : January 17, 2018

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