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By: FMRR | June 08, 2014

This integration is one of the most powerful ones I have seen out there for Zoho API's not only because of its complexity to integrate both systems but also because of its usability in the business world.

There are thousands of Fortune 500 companies investing millions of dollars in creating software to eliminate silos within their corporate walls, but for most of them their systems are still fragmented and not part of a global strategy to manage for performance.... meaning... their CRM does not talk to Invoice, who does not talk to Operations, etc,etc

With this integration you can start breaking the sequence of capturing data more than once, speed up the process of creating business services, assigned them to team leaders and above all impress clients with up to the minute status on their service progress by leveraging every feature Zoho Projects has to offer with the flexibility and scalability of Zoho Creator.

In order to integrate both systems you will need to develop the following API connections.
  • Add a Project
  • Get users from Zoho Projects
  • Get AllProjects
  • Add a Milestone
  • Need to re format Date fields to blend with Zoho Projects date format
  • Get All Milestones
  • Add a Tasklist
  • Get All Tasklists
  • Add a Task
  • Update Project
  • Update Milestone
  • Update Tasklist
  • Update Task

This is easier said than done, but if you think you are up for the task you can always check Zoho Projects API documentation available to anyone on the web. Or, you can select the API scripts ready to use from the Zoho Form below. To get you started I will share the easiest of the API connections "Add a Project".... the script is straight forward Post URL.

params = map();
params.put("projTitle", input.Project);
params.put("projDesc", input.Description);
AddProject = postUrl("", params,false);
response = AddProject.get("responseCode");
  To       :  ("")
    From     :  zoho.adminuserid
    Subject  :  "Posting New Project"
    Message  :  "Server Response is: " + response

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Anna Woodger

Posted on : December 06, 2017


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