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By: CreatorScripts | June 21, 2017

If your database has grown into a large number of records the image below will start looking very familiar if it does not already.

Zoho Creator Execution Failed

Making automatic calculations is an amazing zoho creator feature that allows you to update field values and aggregate data on the backend while you sleep. However, if this process breaks because the number of records to iterate is to large you start playing around with criteria to limit the number of records to process or breaking up the formulas to run them separately at which point you will start consuming a large number of schedules to process as well.

Worry no more...

There is a simple process to integrate into your scripting that would allow you to increase the number of iterations 10 fold without reaching the maximum limit. The process includes the use of a new form to store the number of iteration ranges and then running the addition via API.

We have incorporated all details about this hack inside our zoho library. The Library includes details on how to implement all kind of ready to use scripts including how to avoid reaching maximum limit in zoho creator iterations.

Leverage existing scripts and get the workflow you need without spending the time to build it or the expense to outsource its development.

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