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By: CreatorScripts | November 29, 2016

This is the most important step in the process of setting up your zoho creator database. A properly linked setup will enable your information to run smoothly and avoid waisting space ( MB )

First, you need to create at least 2 Forms. For example.- Orders and Items. An Order can have multiple items and 1 item can be part of many Orders. Creating a many to many relationship.

Second, you need to add the Subform Items inside the Form Orders and name it. Then you have to add a Lookup field in the Items Form and click on Existing Relations. 

Do NOT forget this part. This is the key. You must have a lookup field linking the original Form to each record on the subform you are creating. Makes Sense?

If it does not or need any help do not hesitate to contact us. We can guide you through the process to set your Subform for success.

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Posted on : August 13, 2017

Hello Tim, please share your application with We can analyse and propose some action steps.


Posted on : January 26, 2017

Hello Tim.

The lookup OrderID field we used to map Subform items to the Orders Form is not meant to be visible. You need to hide on Add on Load.

Use this script.

hide Item_Details.OrdersID;

You may also want to check Part2 on how to properly set Subforms in Zoho Creator.

Tim Betts

Posted on : January 25, 2017

I have followed your instructions to link the original form to every record in the subform. In doing so, I have lost the ability to filter my subform picklist fields.

For example, the cost of each item varies depending on which country I am shipping to. When create a new order, I select which country is is going to using a lookup on the Order mainform. In my Items form I have multiple records for each item with country name and price for each one. When I add row to start adding terms to the order, I am able to use the country field in the main form to filter the items shown on the dropdown list in the subform to only those that belong to the appropriate country, with a separate script to autopopulate the Items subform price field.

I used the following script in the on add row for the Items subform field in the Orders Main form

o newList = (Items FORM name of source that Items lookup field goes to[FIELD name containing County filter criteria in source form.contains(input.FIELD name in main form that contains the Country filter criteria)].ID).getall();
o clear row.Items FIELD name in subform;
o row.Items FIELD name in subform:ui.append(newList);

This worked great, but I then realised that I was not seeing the Items in the Orders report.

I came across your page describing the need to create a lookup field in the Items form to link the individual Items to the Order

Unfortunately, this has an effect on my filtering. When I now add row to select an item I get a very long list with every record for every country.

I don't understand why and more importantly what the fix is.

Can you help

Many thanks


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