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By: CreatorScripts | November 17, 2017 is a feature-filled digital faxing solution that lets you send and receive faxes over the internet. When we combine the power of Zoho Creator with the end result is a priceless integration that can save tons of time and money to all companies that still require to fax proposals, results or any other form of document as part of their execution process.

Why print and fax when you can click and done!


Have you run the numbers?

If the cost of paper is 1.2 cents per page, the toner is 1 cent, and the printer drum is 0.27 cents, the total per-page cost is 2.47 cents. 

Calculate the average cost for a month's worth of printing. Let´s assume you print 10,000 pages per month average.

Your total monthly cost is USD$247 This equals to more than $2.5k a year.

Steps are quite simple...

Step 1

Enter the address of your fax recipient in the TO: field, using our standard format of 1 + area code + number +;
Step 2
Enter a subject, which will appear on the cover page, and note that you need only include the password in the subject field if password protection is enabled
Step 3
Enter your fax message in the body of your email
Step 4
Add any necessary attachments, which will be included in your final fax message
Step 5
Send your fax email message, which will be converted to a fax document, before delivery to your fax recipient. A confirmation email will be sent upon delivery

Add the Logic in Zoho Creator...

In our Deluge Scripts Zoho Library, we have the logic needed to implement this process. Not only can you get access to this particular script, but also gain access to all the scripts we have ever implemented. Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or if you would prefer we implement the script for you.


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