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By: CreatorScripts | January 17, 2019

Zoho Creator is a powerful tool when it comes to building applications online. However, when you start building complex scenarios and require the use of Html pages to convey different information based on user criteria you may stumble upon CSS challenges the app is not yet ready to handle.

The most common CSS error is related to views embedded on your Html page. When you click on the record to view the summary template build you get a fraction of the information displayed. See image below.

Normally, the size of the summary view will resize to the number of records in your report. If you have a full page with more than 20 records you may not notice this issue, but only when you have few or less than 5 records you will start to see your summary template preview to shrink in size.

There is a quick script you can incorporate on your Html page to fix or adjust the visibility of the summary template. Once you install the script the new summary view will be shown as below.

You can get the Script to fix this issue from our Deluge Scripts Library. Feel free to reach out if you have any other Zoho Creator questions we can help you with.

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