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By: FMRR | January 09, 2016

MS Access vs Zoho Interest over time according to Google Trends tells a powerful story.

There is nothing more impactful than well represented data on a trend chart. MS Access was  the most used database solution in the late 90s  and the early part of this century. A key product widely used in the enterprise world is now succumbing to the best online database solution in the market today. Zoho Creator!!!

The tipping point happened back in the summer of 2014 when Zoho surpassed MS Access for share of interest according to Google Trends. Zoho´s interest continues to expand globally.

while MS Access is now limited to few cities in the world. To put it bluntly the folks @zoho might be the only ones searching for this product as they build key features and components to provide us with a smooth migration process from MS Access.

But, what makes Zoho Creator so powerful? 

Database on the cloud.

Maintain all your databases on the cloud with Zoho Creator. To build and deploy applications on the cloud, all you need is a web browser and a Zoho Creator account. Additionally, you can share your database applications with users and they can access information without any installations.

Collaboration made easy.

Collaboration with MS Access is difficult because you have to duplicate your data, send it to your colleagues, and hope their version of Access is up to date. With Zoho Creator's native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, you can access and update your data at anytime, even when you're away from your desk.

Automates your business workflows.

Automates your business processes with workflows to run more efficiently. Don't waste time on repetitive activities that Creator can do for you. Write rules that trigger actions when users interact with your applications.

Built for non-programmers.

Zoho Creator equips non-programmers with tools for building applications. Just plan what you want your application to do, and then use the drag-and-drop interface to accomplish your goals.

No infrastructure required.

Avoid spending extra on hardware and software components that constantly needs upgrades and maintenance. With Zoho Creator, you can build applications, create relationships between forms, and get your database live in minutes.

Custom applications for custom needs.

Customize your database application to suit your business needs. With tailor-made applications on Zoho Creator, you can quickly integrate your existing solution and run it on multiple platforms.

Make no mistake. Zoho is here to stay and is wining the database war vs MS Access. If you are planning to make the move to the cloud this year, below you can review a simple idea on what to do with an online database solution.

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