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By: CreatorScripts | February 16, 2016

We’re always looking for ways to create and share great content that will engage our audience. Creating good content is an art in itself, but so is curating and sharing content.

Discovering, curating and sharing great content that your audience will find interesting is hard enough as it is. But it doesn’t stop there – when you find good content, you need an easy way to add it to your social sharing pipeline. Meet Zoho SocialShare, the new browser plugin from Zoho Social, designed to help your brand easily curate and share content.

Here are some of our top tips for curating and sharing content with Zoho SocialShare.

Share content pronto, without switching browser tabs: Whenever you come across an interesting article that is relevant for your audience, all you have to do is click on the Zoho SocialShare icon in your browser. Once you hit publish, the article will be instantly shared from all your social media channels.

Save as draft idea or discuss later: If you like an article but aren’t sure whether you want to share it right away, you can use Zoho SocialShare to save it as a draft. Draft posts can be published anytime in the future.

What’s really cool about this feature, is the ease with which you can share these drafts for internal discussion with your team. All it takes is one click to share a draft post to your Collaborate tab in Zoho Social. You can even tag your team members so that they can take a look and discuss it with you right there.

Schedule sharing: There are times when you’re sure you want to share an article but can’t do it right away because you already have a lot of content scheduled. Or because you know now is not a good time to engage your audience.

In situations like these, Zoho SocialShare lets you schedule the article to go out at a future time when a majority of your audience will be active. If you’re not sure about what time is best, just use the SmartQ feature and we’ll automagically schedule it to go out when most of your audience is likely to engage with it.

Pick your favorite lines to share: If you loved reading an article and want to make sure your audience reads it, don’t just share the title as the main piece of content. Select the lines that you felt were most powerful, the ones that you think will make the maximum impact on your audience, the ones that you believe will make the reader want to click and read more. I guess you get the picture.

Yes, those are the lines that you should share. Just select these lines, even if they’re at different places in the article and we’ll share them for you.

Zoho SocialShare is available on Firefox and Chrome web browsers and comes for free with all our plans. And, of course, all the content you share from it will show up in your Zoho Social dashboard so you can track how your audience engages with different articles and figure out what’s working best for them. Simplify your social sharing now.



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