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By: FMRR | December 08, 2015

The Problem:

 How can I make it so when a phone number (String) is entered in a form like this:9876543210 it automatically formats it to 987-654-3210

By: FMRR | November 10, 2015

Custom Function to Update a value in Zoho CRM

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By: CreatorScripts | July 11, 2015

Creator Scripts Holly Grail

C-level executives and managers are  the first to understand the value that comes with a buttoned up workflow. Custom Functions in Zoho CRM can help with the integration of Modules.  They make your workflow more robust and simpler, but they can also be a little overwhelming to put together sometimes. 

Managers need to seek and add Custom Functions that matter. This custom function will help you to map Contacts under a Zoho CRM Campaign with no export/import process to follow.

If the Holly Grail of Email Marketing is delivering emails to the right contact at the right time and then be able to track the results back. Automate the process of sending Contacts to Campaigns and simplify your Campaign tracking results. 

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By: FMRR | August 16, 2014

If you are familiar with Zoho Creator's backend script builder you are aware of the 2 options you have to write your logic. Script Builder and Free flow. The second having the most flexibility for copy & paste code and write logic faster if you are already familiar with deluge scripts.

In Zoho CRM when you attempt to write a custom function the only option available is Script Builder. This option increases your developers time to produce faster and robust code = higher costs and if you are learning how to write these functions it will be a little cumbersome just to navigate through all the multiple screens Zoho has configured for the user = decreasing your chances for success.

Fortunately, there is a way to access the free flow backend...

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By: FMRR | April 16, 2014

Sometimes you require a custom Rounding function to meet your needs. For example, you may very well want to track employee hours, but need to be consistent and round each decimal entries.

The script below allows you to round in increments of .25 so if you were entering hours each .25 = 15 minutes on the hour.

float Calculations.FrankUp(float Hours)
  HI = input.Hours.toLong();
    Gap = (input.Hours  -  HI).round(2);
    if ((Gap  <=  0.25)  &&  (Gap  >  0.0))
        return (HI  +  0.25).round(2);
    else if ((Gap  <=  0.5)  &&  (Gap  >  0.25))
        return (HI  +  0.5).round(2);
    else if ((Gap  <=  0.75)  &&  (Gap  >  0.5))
        return (HI  +  0.75).round(2);

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