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By: CreatorScripts | April 09, 2016

With over a billion websites expected by mid 2016, attracting visitors to your site is as important, and also as difficult, as ever. Simply having a website is no longer enough. Business owners now have to measure and analyze a number of crucial metrics in order to improve their strategies, stay relevant with their target audience, and vie for the attention of the internet’s three billion users.

By: CreatorScripts | February 09, 2016

Sometimes you need to pull ( fetch ) the emails of different users to be able to send them an email notification of a specific action in your zoho creator database.

So, you have a form that uses the "Users" look-up field, which is used to assign tasks , records, inventory to registered users on the app and would like to automatically send an email to the User when he/she s assigned a new task, record,inventory or anything else. Follow the instructions below on how to set it up.

By: CreatorScripts | January 04, 2016

There are several ways to accomplish this task.

One is to enable the printing settings directly in your html page as its shown on this solution below. The other is to place the URL´s as linked text

a. To print the view, place a linked text in the format given below:

<a href=""> Print </a>

b. To export the view in CSV format, place a linked text in the format given below:

<a href=""> CSV Export </a>

Refer to learn more the URL patterns.

By: FMRR | December 28, 2015

Scheduler is a powerful feature in Zoho Creator that allows the application owner to create timed actions without any user input. These timed actions can be executed periodically based on the date and time values present in your form or on fixed date and time.

Zoho Creator supports three types of schedules. Form, Report & Custom. For birthdate reminders you need to use Form. Form schedules are events that are scheduled based on a date/time field in your form. (i.e) you will be able to specify a field in the form, whose value will be taken as the scheduling due date (or as start date and end date) in case of schedules with repeats like 'monthly' or 'yearly'.

By: CreatorScripts | December 17, 2015

This is a simple yet useful zoho reports hack. When building pivot tables currency values as well as decimal fields do not always maintain the decimal places from the tables you are importing the data from.

Below is a quick gif that shows how to edit the format of the filed inside the pivot table for a quick modification on the decimal places.

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