Smart Software For Maverick Entrepreneurs

By: CreatorScripts | January 18, 2018

The future of bots is already here. As discussed in the previous two posts in this series, bots for productive collaboration and CRM teams are changing the way we communicate and work. In this final post, we’ll focus on the key areas of task automation and improved workplace collaboration, in the context of chatbots and slash commands.

 The Dark Social

 Dark social channels include messaging apps, email, and private browsing. If Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp is any indication, instant messaging platforms are quickly replacing social media apps and present manifold implications for the chatbot ecosystem. Conversational chatbotsthat can automate and integrate t...

By: CreatorScripts | January 17, 2016

Picture this. You are holding a bowl filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream. You love its sweet taste on its own, but then you spot toppings— hot fudge sauce, chocolate chips, cookies, caramel, nuts and of course cherries. You’re welcome to use any of these toppings to make your ice cream even tastier. Which will you choose?

 Just like ice cream sans toppings, we know that a CRM by itself is a powerful tool, but when you add smart features (toppings), you’ve got a CRM designed to make your life a little easier.

 With this in mind, let’s look at a couple of intelligent features that will save you time and make your job simpler and more productive.

Take a shortcut using Macros.

There might be a set of mundane tasks in record level tha...