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By: CreatorScripts | October 03, 2016

just like the relaxation of the huge Zoho product line, self-provider company intelligence (BI) tool Zoho Reports is basically fully cloud-primarily based. Zoho Reports starts at $50 per month for the primary 5 users, with extra users and features costing a few extra $dollars per consumer per month. The best download for Zoho reports past what you run on your browser is for support with importing massive records sets.

Within the self-provider BI area, Zoho Reports is blessed with each a nice expense and extraordinary ease of use. This makes it a sensible choice for price range-mindful valued clientele and for these occasional users who could get annoyed with the steeper "getting to know curves" associated with some other self...

By: CreatorScripts | September 18, 2015

Before the era of technology, book-keepers, record assistants, and accountants used the paper and pencil method to maintain statement of transactions.  The rise of the computer era led to a wonderful invention called  spreadsheets. The first electronic version of the spreadsheet appeared in 1978 with a program known as “VisiCalc”. Since then,  spreadsheets  became the go-to tool to solve  problems since people started using the program for every single need like collecting information, performing calculations and data analysis.

No doubt, it is a terrific tool on multiple fronts, and it is evident that spreadsheet programs have a huge fan following. Number crunching is a piece of cake on spreadsheets–all you need to know is, to use some for...

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By: CreatorScripts | September 17, 2015

Every business transaction generates data. In fact, the integral aspect of a company’s profitability is not only capturing the data, but also analyzing it to discern patterns and record it for future action. No matter how much data your business has, converting it into useful information is easy using a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, spreadsheets come with a set of problems: no role-based access permissions, error-prone data entry, different versions and inability to collaborate with coworkers in real time. Bottomline, spreadsheets were not built to manage your database.

Let’s assume Mark is the owner of ‘TastemyWine’ — a winery with a medium-sized inventory of red and white wines. His stock manager, Paul takes care of winery operations and con...

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