5 technological tools that make employee management simple
Manage, measure, and monitor your workforce with these simple tools.
Utilize the communications channels offered by Zoho SalesIQ to boost customer engagement.
Zoho SalesIQ helps you automate your sales and marketing with the right mix of technologies and services. Create engaging customer conversations across multiple channels, across all devices, to turn leads into customers.
You can attract and retain the right people with your employee value proposition.
You can attract and retain the right people with your EVP: Engaged, Valued, Proven. The best companies know that their EVP is essential for company growth. Learn how to create an EVP and start attracting and retaining the talent
Zoho Social now supports TikTok, Instagram Reels and Stories, and YouTube Shorts.
Zoho Social automates content for the top social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Connect your social media accounts to Zoho Social and you are set to go.
Twilio Zoho CRM Add-on
The Zoho CRM to Twilio SMS extension integrates the Twilio SMS gateway with Zoho CRM, allowing agents to send and receive bulk SMS messages directly from Zoho CRM via customizable templates.
How to display images in an html email using public url
How to display images in an HTML email using public URL
4 reports on Zoho Analytics to help you grow your Shopify online business
These are some of the Zoho Advanced Analytics options that can provide powerful insights into your Shopify sales data. These reports can assist Shopify businesses in meeting their objectives more quickly and optimizing their efforts.
The top five benefits why every business should implement an employee management system
As organizations embrace remote and hybrid working models, they will need a powerful employee management system to manage and support their employees across workspaces.
Five Business Intelligence Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

While many businesses are still hurting from the events of the past two years, others are delivering on their promises. Regardless of where your company falls on this spectrum, business intelligence is a critical enabler for firms to properly manage this issue. That's why we've com...

Still running your business in excel?
Business does not expand in a linear fashion. When your income grows, so do your employees, systems, and procedures. Collaboration becomes critical, and the need of having a linked system becomes clear.

We launched Zoho Invoice earlier last year, as sophisticated invoicing software and one of our first products that is completely free for all SMEs. It was our small act of kindness to the SME community that aided our growth. However, the fact that our program will be completely free does not change...

Zoho Assist is cloud-based remote support and remote access software that helps you support customers from a distance through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions. Set up unattended remote access and manage remote PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and servers effortlessly. A few seconds is all ...

The future is here. Technological advancements are changing the way businesses are run. As a result, competitive advantage has shifted from the product to the customer experience. Here are 5 digital trends that are shaping the future of successful companies:

#1 AI and Automation

Automation and AI are ...

Importance of CRM Data Scrubbing for Businesses

CRM data is the key to unlocking the success of your business. So it’s important to have a CRM that can help you share, store and access customer information.

The most important thing is to have clean CRM data. This means scrubbing all of your data on a...

Companies have been experimenting with giving appreciation gifts to their employees to ensure that they are happy and satisfied in their jobs. In recent years, companies have started using tangible things such as flowers or chocolates. However, these gifts that are traditional and expected don’t rea...

The secret to increasing user engagement on your website

What is the difference between a normal and an engaged user? The former will buy something and then leave, whereas the latter will buy something, return, and spread the word to others. Isn't it this enough to justify the effort?
In this blog, we will discuss the second option as well as some tips for...

A fantastic way to persuade your audience to think about and examine the relationships between different data sets is to use charts in a presentation. To help you understand how data may be illustrated meaningfully, here's a primer on the different sorts of charts that can be utilized for efficient ...

How to Enhance Your Sales Process for Better Conversions with Zoho CRM

The most important thing in marketing is the conversion. You need to have a process that will lead your prospects to take the desired action. Zoho CRM can help you enhance your sales process and convert more prospects into customers.

IFTTT for Cliq: Automate your tasks and focus on what matters

Increase your work pace and get more done by simplifying and automating your routine tasks with the IFTTT integration for Cliq.

IFTTT works on the conditional statement “if this, then that” to connect various applications or services together.

This integration helps you stay on top of new tweets from ...

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