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Our Pledge to Data Protection & User Trust

Your Privacy Matters to Us - At Creator Scripts, we deeply value the trust you place in us, and our Privacy Policy is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data. Unlike many digital platforms, we stand firm against the commodification of user information. Our priority isn't advertising—it's you. Dive into our policy and discover how we meticulously manage your data, ensuring that we only gather what's necessary, use it to enhance your experience, and uphold stringent security standards. Let's embark on this transparent journey into the heart of Creator Scripts' privacy ethics.

Key Takeaway

Creator Scripts' Privacy Policy emphasizes their commitment to protecting user privacy and not engaging in selling user information or using it for advertising purposes. They collect only necessary information, use it for providing services, communication, and improving their products, and maintain a high level of security.


Creator Scripts' Privacy Policy outlines their approach to handling user information, ensuring user privacy, and providing transparency about data collection and usage. Key points from the policy include:

  • Creator Scripts' Privacy Commitment: Creator Scripts has a long-standing commitment to user privacy and does not engage in selling user information or displaying ads based on it.
  • Data Collection: Creator Scripts collects information that users provide during account signup, event registrations, form submissions, and payment processing.
  • Automatic Information Collection: When users visit Creator Scripts' websites or use their software, basic information like IP address, browser type, and navigation patterns is automatically logged.
  • Indirect Information Collection: Information received from referral programs, authentication service providers, and social media interactions may also be collected.
  • Usage of Information: User information is used to provide services, maintain accounts, communicate about products, analyze user needs, and improve Creator Scripts' websites and services.
  • Legal Basis: Creator Scripts ensures a legal basis for collecting and processing user information, often relying on consent or legitimate business interests.
  • User Choices: Users can opt-out of non-essential communications, disable cookies, and choose not to provide optional profile information.
  • Data Sharing: Creator Scripts shares information with employees, contractors, service providers, domain registrars, reselling partners, and marketplace application developers, maintaining security and confidentiality.
  • European Economic Area (EEA) Rights: Creator Scripts acknowledges EEA users' rights regarding access, rectification, erasure, data portability, and objection to data processing.
  • Data Retention: Creator Scripts retains personal information for as long as necessary and follows appropriate deletion and anonymization practices.
  • Part II - Information Processed on Behalf: Creator Scripts handles data entrusted by users for services, technical support, and mobile applications, adhering to strict usage and security standards.

The comprehensive privacy policy of Creator Scripts underscores their dedication to user privacy, responsible data handling, and providing users with control over their information.