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Key takeaways

  • 💡 Zoho Commerce offers a platform to create your own online store effortlessly.
  • 💼 Design your store with drag-and-drop simplicity and choose from professional templates.
  • 📦 Manage orders, integrate shipping, and more with Zoho Commerce's comprehensive features.
  • 📢 Engage customers, boost repeat purchases, and gain insights through the interactive dashboard.
  • 🧰 Access an array of tools for website construction, order fulfillment, inventory supervision, and beyond.
  • 🔄 Seamlessly integrate with Zoho suite applications to expand and enhance business operations.
  • 🎨 Templates optimized for smooth navigation across various devices ensure an excellent user experience.
  • 🛍️ Effortlessly add, describe, and showcase your products using Zoho Commerce's versatile options.
  • 🚀 Publish your store instantly with a single click, and observe real-time updates with ease.
  • 🚚 Streamline shipping, tax setup, and payment gateways for a seamless transaction process.
  • 👍 A satisfied customer praises Zoho Commerce's customization and benefits in a testimonial.
  • 📚 Dive into a wealth of resources including guides, templates, integrations, and inspiring customer stories.
  • 💰 Explore pricing, blog posts, resources, and webinars to aid in your decision-making.
  • 🌐 Compare Zoho Commerce with other leading platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.
  • 📊 Discover a comprehensive suite of features encompassing inventory management, SEO, and social selling.
  • 🤝 Collaboration, partnership, and specialist options are available to cater to your unique needs.
Zoho Commerce
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Zoho Commerce
Zoho Commerce: Online Store Builder

Explore our wide range of apps designed to enhance your business operations. From E Commerce platform to Sales & Marketing apps, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize your workflow and boost productivity. Whether you need efficient customer relationship management, seamless sales automation, or powerful marketing solutions, we've got you covered. Take a deep dive into our offerings and discover the perfect solutions for your business needs. With our interconnected ecosystem, you can seamlessly navigate between pages and explore the full potential of our suite. Let's embark on a journey of growth and success together. Start exploring now!


Zoho Commerce: Tailored Pricing Plans for Every E-commerce Ambition

  • 💰 Zoho Commerce presents three distinct pricing plans tailored to suit diverse business requirements.
  • 🆓 Enjoy the advantage of a comprehensive 30-day free trial, requiring no credit card information.
  • 🚫 Rest easy knowing that there are no transaction fees associated with any of the plans.
  • 🛒 The Starter plan encompasses a range of features, including a responsive website builder and basic coupons, to kickstart your online store.
  • 🌟 Elevate your business operations with the Professional plan, which introduces valuable features like product reviews, advanced analytics, and additional user accounts.
  • 🚀 Unlock the full potential of your commerce venture through the Advanced plan, featuring capabilities such as composite items, price lists, and a mega menu.
  • 💼 Enhance your store's functionality by exploring a variety of add-ons that offer specialized features like composite products and advanced menus.
  • 📈 A genuine customer testimonial underscores Zoho Commerce's transformative impact on business expansion.
  • 🛍️ Delve into comprehensive resources including detailed feature comparisons, informative guides, customizable templates, and seamless integrations.
  • 🌐 Gain insights into Zoho Commerce's unique strengths by comparing it with other leading ecommerce platforms in the market.
  • 💡 Tailored solutions are available for businesses with higher demands, exceeding Mex$3,600,000/month.
  • 📊 Ratings and reviews provide compelling narratives of successful experiences achieved through Zoho Commerce's services.
  • 📚 Immerse yourself in a wealth of valuable resources encompassing insightful blogs, engaging webinars, and developer-focused guides.
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Zoho Commerce Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoho in e-commerce?

Zoho in e-commerce refers to Zoho's e-commerce platform, Zoho Commerce. Zoho Commerce is a platform that provides tools and features for selling products and services online, including payment processing, order management, and shipping management.

Does Zoho have an e-commerce platform?

Yes, Zoho has an e-commerce platform called Zoho Commerce. Zoho Commerce provides tools and features for selling products and services online, including payment processing, order management, and shipping management.

Is Zoho Commerce included in Zoho One?

Yes, Zoho Commerce is included in Zoho One, which is Zoho's suite of integrated business and productivity apps. Zoho One provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage multiple Zoho apps and services from a single location.

What kind of business is Zoho?

Zoho is a technology company that provides a range of business and productivity tools, including a CRM system, office suite, e-commerce platform, and more. Zoho serves businesses of all sizes and industries.

Is Zoho owned by Google?

No, Zoho is not owned by Google. Zoho is a privately held company based in Chennai, India.

Is Zoho B2B or B2C?

Zoho serves both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) customers. Zoho offers a range of business and productivity tools that can be used by businesses of all sizes, as well as by individuals and consumers.

Why do companies use Zoho?

Companies use Zoho for a variety of reasons, including its range of business and productivity tools, its affordability, and its ease of use. Zoho provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage multiple tasks and processes, including customer relationship management, office productivity, e-commerce, and more.

Why is Zoho so successful?

Zoho has been successful for several reasons, including its commitment to providing affordable, accessible, and user-friendly business and productivity tools. Zoho's integrated suite of apps, Zoho One, provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage multiple tasks and processes, which has been a key factor in its success. Additionally, Zoho's focus on innovation, customer support, and ongoing product development has helped it maintain its position as a leading provider of business software.