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Unlock the Power of Online Surveys with Zoho Survey

Essential Insights

    📝 Zoho Survey allows you to effortlessly create online surveys and questionnaires for free, offering a user-friendly platform.

    📊 Customize your surveys with more than 25 question types, implement skip logic, and use piping to tailor them to your specific needs.

    🚀 Share your surveys instantly with a wide audience through social media and email campaigns, ensuring broad data collection.

    🔒 Prioritize the security and privacy of your survey data with SSL protection, guaranteeing confidentiality.

    📈 Gain valuable insights from your survey responses by visualizing response trends through customizable reports, enabling informed decision-making.

    📱 Ensure that your surveys are accessible to respondents on any device, as they are automatically optimized for mobile.

    💼 If you require responses from a specific demographic, you can easily purchase responses to target your audience effectively.

    👥 Collaborate effectively by inviting others to assist in creating and editing surveys, promoting teamwork.

    🏆 Zoho Survey receives top ratings on prominent review platforms like G2Crowd, GetApp, and Capterra, indicating its excellence in survey software.

    📄 Access a wealth of resources, including user guides, FAQs, and support, to enhance your survey creation experience.

    📧 Reach out to the Zoho Survey support team at for any assistance you may need.

    Zoho Survey
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    Zoho Survey
    Zoho Survey: Create online surveys and questionnaires for free

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    Zoho Survey: Create online surveys and questionnaires for free
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    Zoho Survey Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Zoho Survey?

    Zoho Survey is a survey and feedback tool from Zoho that allows businesses and organizations to create and send surveys to collect data and feedback from customers, employees, and other stakeholders. It includes features such as customizable templates, real-time reporting, and collaboration tools.

    Is Zoho Survey legit?

    Yes, Zoho Survey is a legitimate product from Zoho, a well-established and reputable company. Zoho Survey is used by many businesses and organizations as a reliable tool for collecting data and feedback.

    What is the difference between Zoho forms and Zoho Survey?

    Zoho Forms is a form builder tool from Zoho, while Zoho Survey is a survey and feedback tool. While both products allow businesses and organizations to collect data and feedback, Zoho Forms is more focused on creating custom forms and collecting data through form submissions, while Zoho Survey is specifically designed for creating and sending surveys.

    How do I use Zoho surveys?

    To use Zoho Surveys, you first need to sign up for a Zoho account and subscribe to Zoho Survey. Then, you can create a new survey using Zoho Survey's templates or by creating a custom survey from scratch. You can then send the survey to your target audience, collect and analyze the data, and use the feedback to improve your business or organization.

    Do hackers use Zoho?

    There have been instances of hackers attempting to compromise Zoho accounts and systems, as is the case with any popular online service. However, Zoho has a strong security infrastructure in place to protect its users' data, including encryption, secure data centers, and regular security audits. Zoho also provides users with tools and resources to secure their accounts and data, and it is recommended to follow best practices for online security when using Zoho or any other online service.