5 technological tools that make employee management simple

20.09.22 05:41 PM By CreatorScripts

As the expectations of the modern workforce evolve, organizations must prioritize flexibility, maintain a people-first culture, emphasize career development, and use modern solutions to reduce repetitive work.

That is why organizations must use technology to better understand what their employees want and to keep employees at the center of all HR strategies. Here are five tools that HR teams can use to better manage today's workforce:

System for onboarding:

This enables organizations to meet employee expectations right from the start. HR departments can use an onboarding system to automate paperwork, provide training, reduce repetitive tasks, and help new hires understand the company culture and their new role.

Nothing dampens a new hire's spirit like an outdated onboarding process. In today's workplace, it's critical to show new employees what your company stands for, what their job entails, who to contact for help, and the overall goal during onboarding. An onboarding management system can help you make a good first impression on new hires and make them feel included right away.

For example, Zoho People's onboarding system includes an easy-to-use candidate onboarding module that allows your company to communicate with candidates and assist them with paperwork even before they join your company. From within the onboarding system, new employees can learn about your company, meet their manager, connect with their team, and understand their job responsibilities.

System of time and attendance:

Employees can easily mark their attendance, request leave, and track their time with this feature. It also provides the information required to correctly process your employees' salaries. A good time and attendance system is essential if your company has employees who work from different locations. Team members can stay connected regardless of where they work thanks to time and attendance systems. For example, if your employees work remotely, they can record their attendance online and share it with their managers, coworkers, and the HR team. Most systems include time tracking features that allow you to set up a space where employees can track time spent on specific projects and tasks. Managers will have better visibility into what their teams are working on and will be able to provide customers with timely and accurate invoices. Additionally, employee time and attendance data can be retrieved instantly as reports, allowing for error-free payroll processing.

Systems for performance and learning:

These can be used by organizations to track employee performance, exchange feedback, process fair salary increases, identify skill gaps, and run flexible training programs for their workforce. For modern employees, career advancement and development are essential workplace components. Implementing a comprehensive performance and learning management system will help your organization assist employees in broadening their horizons.

With the assistance of a performance management system, managers can easily conduct performance reviews at regular intervals. They only need to start an appraisal cycle, select appropriate employees and performance modules, choose from various appraisal processes, and complete the performance review. In many systems, employees can complete self-evaluations and even receive feedback from their team members. With effective performance management systems, employees can also provide feedback and track their KRAs.
A learning management system (LMS) should be integrated with your performance management system to help you evaluate employee skills. It should also allow you to virtualize multiple courses and meet the needs of your employees' learning. Employees, for example, can use Zoho People's LMS to select appropriate learning styles and complete courses from any device, including mobile phones. Employees can quickly discuss their coursework with coworkers and create learning plans for a well-organized approach. They can also interact virtually with trainers, give and receive feedback, and complete assessments.

People analytics:

This type of analytics helps organizations better understand their HR processes. This enables them to recognize issues, comprehend employee expectations, and make sound decisions. People analytics are being used by many organizations to keep their employees happy, satisfied, and productive. This feature gathers and analyzes data on employee recruitment, onboarding, training, performance, and exit to show the "why" behind employee-related issues. For example, if employee turnover is a major concern for your company, people analytics can help you better understand why employees leave by analyzing data from exit interviews and performance data. It can be used not only to solve problems, but also to streamline existing processes and implement new employee-friendly initiatives.

System of communication:

Employees can discuss projects and collaborate with their colleagues regardless of where they work with a good communication system. It also helps them stay current on important developments within their organization. Most employees nowadays expect their employers to be transparent and to promote open communication. They seek organizations that value collaboration and keep employees up to date on major developments. As a result, establishing an effective communication channel that promotes communication in all directions is critical. With a comprehensive communication system, employees can initiate discussions, exchange feedback, interact with senior management, view important announcements, brainstorm ideas on virtual whiteboards, and connect with coworkers who share similar interests.

Technology that allows for remote work, automates employee management, and provides a convenient and connected working environment is required for today's tech-savvy workforce.

Zoho People, our human resource management software, gives businesses all of the tools they need to provide a consistent experience to HR teams and employees, all from a single platform. It is the most effective method of meeting the needs of your modern workforce. Learn more about Zoho People.