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Enhance your data with Email Intelligence from TowerData API

12.05.20 10:47 PM By CreatorScripts

TowerData API's help you to improve the quality and depth of your data by enabling you to quickly and securely verify email addresses and match demographics and behavioral data to your customer Zoho CRM list in real-time.

Our APIs are built with REST and data is returned in the JSON format. The API's are designed to be easy to use, and we provide API libraries to help you use them with several popular programming languages.

Our API requests must be made using HTTPS and require an API key.

TowerData’s Email Intelligence API helps you to understand who your customers are and to segment them by their attributes by providing 50+ demographic and behavioral data fields. Improve personalization and create more targeted, relevant content by obtaining:

  • Demographics such as age, gender and income
  • Purchase intent in categories such as electronics, clothing and furnishings
  • Life stages such as millennial, new parent and home buyer
  • Lifestyles such as DIY, fitness and beauty maven
  • Shopper types such as deal-seeker, luxury shopper and online buyer

You can get all the necessary scripts from our Deluge Scripts Library or you can reach out to us if you prefer our team of experts installing the API integration on your Zoho CRM or Zoho Creator applications.