The game for brands is shifting thanks to discovery commerce.

29.11.22 08:28 PM By CreatorScripts

The e-commerce revolution is still ongoing, and it is altering the game for brands! Thanks to social media, consumers can now buy whatever they want, whenever they want. The interesting thing is that the majority of online shoppers claim they had no intention of purchasing the products and experiences they see online. This is known as discovery commerce.

The driving force behind discovery commerce is social media. While customers believe that the products and services they desire appear magically on their screens, their appearance is the result of careful brand strategy guided by social media algorithms.

               According to a recent Fast Magazine article, three out of every five online shoppers polled say they buy products after chance discovery on their social media feeds. This gives businesses a better chance of selling to individuals and businesses who have never heard of their brand before.              

Businesses have a huge opportunity to reach out to people online at the right time to make a sale. The challenge is to ensure that your social media content drives your call to action effectively. "When brands present their content to the right customers at the right time," the same article says, "it can feel like serendipity for those who see the ads."

Discovery commerce is changing the game for brands as people constantly discover new solutions in the digital age. It is now your responsibility to create content that grabs people's attention, conveys the right message, and motivates them to act.

  • You should be able to reach a larger audience online if you use the following strategies:
  • Your content should be interesting and memorable.
  • Your content should be emotionally charged and relatable.
  • Your content should elicit feelings similar to those felt while shopping.
  • Your content should be relevant to the interests and pain points of your target audience.
  • To encourage immediate calls to action, use the power of "now" and the fear of missing out.

Incorporate these top five suggestions into your next content strategy and watch how many new people interact with your social media posts.