Zoho Social now supports TikTok, Instagram Reels and Stories, and YouTube Shorts.

08.09.22 07:24 PM By CreatorScripts

Good things take time, and great things take even longer. Zoho Social is no exception to the ever-expanding scope of social media. As our customers' needs changed, we worked behind the scenes to strengthen it to help you with your social media outreach. We're pleased to announce that TikTok, Instagram Reels and Stories, and YouTube Shorts have been added to Zoho Social. It's been a long time coming, but we hope it fulfills all of your expectations.
Let's dive right in and look at these highlights in greater detail.

TikTok is now available on Zoho Social to assist you in real-time planning, collaboration, and publishing.

TikTok videos can now be planned, posted, and collaborated on using Zoho Social. You can easily plan a post for later or post it right away from the publish window, whether you're at home or on the go, with our custom schedule feature. You can engage your community and gain new followers by publishing trending videos on our desktop platform and mobile app. You can also include a catchy video description and emojis from our emoji tray. You can also group and add trending and relevant hashtags to include them all at once in your post.
TikTok will not be available through Zoho Social in India due to ongoing regulatory restrictions on the platform.

The Zoho Social centralized content calendar allows you to organize all of your videos into a single view, plan your TikTok content strategy and marketing, and keep track of your content plans across platforms. You can view all of your connected channels' weekly and monthly posts at the same time.
You and your team can now easily move material around a structured pipeline thanks to the Workflow and Content Approvals features. You can do so by creating your own approval system and streamlining your social media publishing process. Using the approvals dashboard, you can designate specific team members as approvers who will review and publish drafts, as well as contributors or publishers who will be able to generate and submit drafts for review. As a result, teams have more editorial control over the content they distribute.
Increase your exposure on Zoho Social by using Instagram Reels.

Short-form video is the most interesting and engaging type of social media content available today. With our integration, you can plan and publish Instagram Reels, view and respond to incoming mentions and comments, and even see the number of likes, views, and plays your Reel has received. You can set your Instagram Reels to auto-publish, schedule them for a specific date, or even use Smart Q to publish on the best day/time.
You can also select a thumbnail from the suggested options to use as your Reel's cover image, or you can select your own frame from the video and post it on both your grid and the Reels tab. You can also easily plan and manage your entire video strategy.
You can engage and interact on Instagram Stories using Zoho Social.

Instagram Stories is a feed of pictures or videos that disappear from your profile after 24 hours. Thanks to a feature update, you can now plan and create your Instagram Stories ahead of time. It also allows you to publish immediately or later, preview the story to see how it will appear on your profile, and add captions to each one.

Furthermore, with Zoho Social, you can access a variety of unique and fun custom stickers, as well as apply filters to completely customize the look of your story and build it from scratch. The Zoho Social mobile app allows users to manually post Stories created in the web app. Based on the publishing option you select, you will receive a Publishing Notification at the time and date you specify. You can also see the number of impressions, reach, replies, exits, and forward and backward taps for each story.

The reports tab also allows you to identify top stories, analyze how your story has performed over time based on engagements received, assess your story's completion rate, and much more.

You can keep it short and sweet with YouTube Shorts on Zoho Social.

YouTube Shorts is an excellent way for businesses to increase audience engagement and brand awareness. Additionally, because YouTube Shorts is a mobile-first feature, using content other than horizontal, long-form videos allows you to reach a wider audience. Thanks to a feature update, you can now create a quick teaser for a longer video and upload it as a Short from our publishing window. You can also edit the captions, change the thumbnail, add relevant hashtags, and change the visibility.
The majority of our customers asked for these feature updates, as well as the addition of new channels like TikTok. We're here to help you simplify your social media outreach one addition at a time, and we couldn't be happier. We'd love for you to check out the new updates and see how they work.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at creatorscripts@zoho.com. Or if you need help implementing Zoho Social for your business or brand.