Introducing Zia, the smart HR assistant

02.11.20 09:24 PM By rogv1a33


Employees often know when there are easier ways to be performing their routine tasks. Not only does manual work drain morale, but it also distracts employees from their other important activities.

Understanding these concerns, we have introduced Zoho’s AI chatbot, Zia, in Zoho People to help your employees automate their everyday tasks. Here’s how Zia can be useful for your employees:

  • Performs the complete leave application process on behalf of your employees. Your employees just have to input the date, leave type, and reason.

  • Fetches the list of upcoming holidays and leave reports.

  • Provides a complete list of all your pending tasks within Zoho People.

  • Raises requests and inquiries for employees through the case management module.

  • Helps employees “Check-in” and “Check-out” for the day.

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