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7 Email marketing best practices for the holiday season

While holidays spell fun and frolic for some, for others they mean more work. When it comes to email marketers, the holidays are a time to buckle up for increased marketing activity.

Every holiday season tests the nerves of email marketers. Their future...

Email content that makes happy customers

Tim Watson, a leading independent email marketing consultant from Zettasphere, shares his expertise on what kind of email content makes customers happy and stick to a brand. Tim has 14 years of email marketing experience, providing strategic guidance to enhance email campaign performances. He’s...

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5 email marketing strategies that deliver results

Here’s a blog piece by Izabelle Hundrev from G2, a B2B review marketplace for software and services. She specializes in sales, marketing, and real estate content. After earning a degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri, Izabelle moved back to her hometown of Chicago, wher...