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You can add the below script On Add On Validate or On Add On Success. Just replace the name of the input.Phone_additional field with the name of your phone field in your zoho form.

//Update Phone format
if ((input.Phone_additional.getAlphaNumeric().length() != 10) && (input.Phone_additional !=...
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The Problem:

 How can I make it so when a phone number (String) is entered in a form like this:9876543210 it automatically formats it to 987-654-3210

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Zoho Hack: Update Zoho CRM fields values using Custom Functions
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One Zoho CRM Custom Function That Will Give You The Holly Grail
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How to access free flow backend in Zoho CRM custom builder?
Unlock the potential of Zoho CRM with our step-by-step guide on accessing the Free Flow Backend in the Custom Builder. Discover easy, efficient methods to enhance your CRM experience and streamline your business processes.
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Sometimes you require a custom Rounding function to meet your needs. For example, you may very well want to track employee hours, but need to be consistent and round each decimal entries.

The script below allows you to round in increments of .25 so if you were entering hours each .25 = 15 minutes on ...
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Learn how to calculate the time elapsed between two Date-Time fields in Zoho Creator. Follow our step-by-step guide for efficient time tracking and data analysis. #ZohoCreator #DateTimeCalculation #TimeTracking
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