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The secret to increasing user engagement on your website

What is the difference between a normal and an engaged user? The former will buy something and then leave, whereas the latter will buy something, return, and spread the word to others. Isn't it this enough to justify the effort?
In this blog, we will discuss the second option as well as some tips for...

Introducing Z-3PO a BOT programmed for guidance

Z-3PO is a BOT programmed for guidance built by the heroic team of Creator Scripts using Zoho Sales IQ. The BOT handles live conversations on our website even when we are not online. It learns from our knowledge library and guides the end-user to the tools and information they need.


Design your website with ease!

Imagine you need a website.

Hiring a professional web designer goes a bit over your budget. So, you think, “I’ll find a site builder and create a website myself. Piece of cake!”

You get building and everything is going great! You drag this here, drop that there, move this up a lit...