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How to find the correct e-signature solution for your CRM and streamline sales, customer service, and marketing
E-signature solutions for CRM are numerous. They include plugins, applications and cloud services. To find the right one for your company, it's important to know what features you need. Here is a list of features that you should consider.
Zoho Creator Available Updates in October 2022
The next few weeks will see many exciting new updates coming to Zoho Creator. From design systems, to more capabilities in the drag-and-drop tool and a lot more
Shave time. Increase output.
Get 10x more done with less time. With the right process and a few tools, you can make your workday more productive and efficient than ever.
Keep your CRM organized and work moving all with one digital signature integration
The customer experience is changing. In a digital world, everything customers do is leaving a digital footprint. Customer relationship management (CRM) is being transformed by the digital signatures and footprints that are left behind as customers interact with brand experiences, and CRM
5 technological tools that make employee management simple
Manage, measure, and monitor your workforce with these simple tools.
Utilize the communications channels offered by Zoho SalesIQ to boost customer engagement.
Zoho SalesIQ helps you automate your sales and marketing with the right mix of technologies and services. Create engaging customer conversations across multiple channels, across all devices, to turn leads into customers.
You can attract and retain the right people with your employee value proposition.
You can attract and retain the right people with your EVP: Engaged, Valued, Proven. The best companies know that their EVP is essential for company growth. Learn how to create an EVP and start attracting and retaining the talent
Twilio Zoho CRM Add-on
The Zoho CRM to Twilio SMS extension integrates the Twilio SMS gateway with Zoho CRM, allowing agents to send and receive bulk SMS messages directly from Zoho CRM via customizable templates.
4 reports on Zoho Analytics to help you grow your Shopify online business
These are some of the Zoho Advanced Analytics options that can provide powerful insights into your Shopify sales data. These reports can assist Shopify businesses in meeting their objectives more quickly and optimizing their efforts.
Five Business Intelligence Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

While many businesses are still hurting from the events of the past two years, others are delivering on their promises. Regardless of where your company falls on this spectrum, business intelligence is a critical enabler for firms to properly manage this issue. That's why we've com...

Introducing Zoho Contracts: Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software

We’re excited to announce the launch of Zoho Contracts—Zoho’s take on contract lifecycle management (CLM). With this launch, we’ve reached a new milestone in Zoho’s journey of providing software solutions to run an entire business on the cloud. To our already impressive arsenal of functions, su...

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Live event safety tools from Zoho Backstage


According to most event industry reports, there will be a significant increase in the number of in-person events hosted in 2021. Even our own data here at Backstage supports this consensus. In a January article on our blog, The Green Room, we mentioned that around 1200 onsite even...

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Email marketing is no longer a simple, one-message-fits-all activity. Today it is a complex exercise which requires understanding your subscribers’ behavior and interests in order to see results. Targeted, relevant, and personalized messages are the way to make every subscriber feel unique.
We d...
How to properly set Subforms in Zoho Creator Part 1

This is the most important step in the process of setting up your Zoho Creator database. A properly linked setup will enable your information to run smoothly and avoid wasting space ( MB )

First, you need to create at least 2 Forms. For example.- Orders and Items. An Order can have multiple items and...

Longer Tweets Now on Twitter and Zoho Social!

The year 2016 began with speculations around Twitter deciding to remove the 140-character limit from the tweets. Jack’s response made one thing clear — to continue being the top real-time public messaging app, Twitter is open to introducing changes to its core functionality.

“We’ve spent a lot of tim...


After adding your SendEmail function and constructing your message and particulars of the notification change your script builder to the Free Flow version as indicated in the top right section of your platform. Under the section Message: you will click enter to create a space and include the followi...
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Sometimes if you have built your basic communications operation around Google Interface it seems like a natural blend to incorporate you Zoho Creator application right into the heart of GAPPS. Think again!!!

There are 3 major points of interaction between Zoho Creator & GAPPS. The access, the dat...
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The sequence to execute the logic you are looking to accomplish is exactly as adding a script on a regular form.  On Add, On Delete, On User Input, but there is a subtle difference in the code and there is also a different way to embed the script into a subform, so lets tackle the way we embed ...
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