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Are Tuesdays really the best days to send emails?

You’ve probably Googled “What’s the best day to send my email?” before a high-stakes email campaign and found that most results say Tuesday is the best day.

You’ve also probably seen these claims backed up with different kinds of data. However, as an email marketer, you should consider the samp...

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Post-holiday drip email campaigns for the ecommerce industry

Drip emails are a series of emails that are sent to follow up with subscribers. They are linearly set up with different send times. Once the defined time arrives, based on the action of recipients, they’re automatically sent to the subscribers by your email marketing platform. To learn mo...

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Introducing crisis-related email templates

Sensitive emergencies and outbreak times like our current one highlight how emails are a predominant means of communication for people across the world. Whether it’s HR sending employees company emails or customer-focused COVID-19 precautionary steps, awareness campaigns, an...

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Aligning remote teams for successful email campaign execution

With the ongoing global health emergencies, home is becoming the headquarters for most of our work. The continued emphasis on working remotely is largely shaping the way teams digitally collaborate, coordinate, and comply on KPIs and outcomes.

So, what does this mean in the case of your ema...

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Latest from Zoho Campaigns: A repository for small business email marketers

As you decorate your brick-and-mortar or online store to win shoppers’ attention on Small Business Saturday, take a moment to appreciate the progress you’ve made thus far. Building a business is no small feat, and we’re happy to see you flourishing. Whether your company has been around awhile o...

Why spam isn’t the end of the road for your email marketing

Many small business marketers hold a misconception that email marketing isn’t effective or worth trying due to their campaigns potentially being marked as spam.

If you’re a small business owner who wants to use email marketing for its cost-effectiveness and flexibility, yet shy away because of...

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Email content that makes happy customers

Tim Watson, a leading independent email marketing consultant from Zettasphere, shares his expertise on what kind of email content makes customers happy and stick to a brand. Tim has 14 years of email marketing experience, providing strategic guidance to enhance email campaign performances. He’s...

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Email marketing in 2019 — a digital marketer’s perspective

Pundits have unanimously predicted that the popularity of email marketing will further soar in the coming years. 2019 has almost come to an end and we saw emails on mobile, personalization and AI (Artificial Intelligence) topping the marketing trends.

Digital Marketing expert Dharaneetharan GD&...

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5 email marketing strategies that deliver results

Here’s a blog piece by Izabelle Hundrev from G2, a B2B review marketplace for software and services. She specializes in sales, marketing, and real estate content. After earning a degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri, Izabelle moved back to her hometown of Chicago, wher...

Smart email marketing: How to send targeted and interactive emails in today’s digital world (Part 1)

Email marketing is seen as an integral element of engagement for most of today’s digital businesses. While sending emails still takes the primary focus for most of us, delivering emails successfully to recipients’ inboxes is catching up the top position too.

So it’s not just sending an email cam...

When should you use marketing automation?

Every business functions with the goal of generating more revenue. More revenue comes from quality customers, who were often the best leads before they converted. It’s a domino effect that starts right when a web visitor shows initial interest in a brand.

Efficient marketers ...

Deep Dive into Zoho Campaigns

Zoho offers an entire suite of features, together with Zoho CRM and Zoho Reports to name just two. subsequent to these products and others covering accounting, human useful resource (HR) administration, and a lot extra, Campaigns acts as Zoho's e mail advertising and marketing product (whose most...

For over a year​, our iPhone users have been effortlessly managing their email campaigns using the Zoho Campaigns mobile app. With the ability to monitor campaigns, organize subscriber lists, view reports and work offline, it’s easy to carry out a successful emailmarketing strategy wherever your job...