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Importance of CRM Data Scrubbing for Businesses

CRM data is the key to unlocking the success of your business. So it’s important to have a CRM that can help you share, store and access customer information.

The most important thing is to have clean CRM data. This means scrubbing all of your data on a...

How to Enhance Your Sales Process for Better Conversions with Zoho CRM

The most important thing in marketing is the conversion. You need to have a process that will lead your prospects to take the desired action. Zoho CRM can help you enhance your sales process and convert more prospects into customers.

Enhance your data with Email Intelligence from TowerData API

TowerData API's help you to improve the quality and depth of your data by enabling you to quickly and securely verify email addresses and match demographics and behavioral data to your customer Zoho CRM list in real-time.

Our APIs are built with REST and data is returned in the JSON...

How life science businesses can leverage data-driven marketing

In life science businesses of all sizes, marketing and sales teams are adopting CRM systems to obtain and retain customers, deliver a better customer experience, and gain valuable customer data that is changing businesses for good.

Marketing and sales efforts are being realigned to create more perso...

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How Zoho CRM became the world’s favorite CRM software

Look up the top ten or top five or the best CRMs in the market. You’ll likely find plenty of articles that recycle many of the same prominent names. There must be some truth to it, otherwise it’s hard for the same set of CRMs to make an appearance in every list. Yet, with the great varie...

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6 reasons why a route planner is important for optimizing field sales

Even today, industries like pharmaceutical and medical devices still follow the traditional way of making sales, where the sales rep goes out into the field to pitch to prospects. These industries still firmly believe that field sales is their most effective way of making...

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Mobile Zoho CRM integration captures 100% of sales updates on the go

This is a guest post by iovox.

Are 60% of your sales updates not being logged in CRM? A new mobile tool from iovox helps Zoho CRM users eliminate lost opportunities and manual data entry.

It’s a stunning number, but according to research cited in Sales Hacker, only 40% of sales updates are ...

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Zoho CRM has been named the Winner of PCMag’s Business Choice Awards 2019

We’re pleased to announce that PCMag—one of the leading online tech magazines—has named Zoho CRM the winner of their 2019 Business Choice Awards for CRMThe award comes after PCMag also named Zoho the 2019 Editor’s Choice CRM. We’re very proud to receive the Business Choice Award as it sp...

Modernize Your Meeting Experience with Zoho CRM and Meeting App Integrations

Online sales presentations, online demos, video chats — there are a lot of meetings for you to attend. For even the most seasoned pros scheduling online meetings and video conferences means switching back and forth between many applications, and we know it’s as frustrating as unproductive.

Push Zoho CRM Contacts into Google Contacts automatically

Zoho CRM comes with an in-house two-way sync integration with Google Contacts. The problem is the daily frequency it updates the datasets. Meaning; you would have to wait 24 hours to see the modifications done in one side or the other.

Parse, validate and get location information about a phone number with Neutrino API

What is Neutrino API?

Neutrino API solves recurring problems encountered during the development of software systems.
Neutrino API is a general-purpose tool which can assist in many different situations.

The Technology

Neutrino API is built on these core principles.

ScalabilityWe operate a fully distrib...
Enhance Your Zoho CRM with Towerdata Email Intelligence API


The more you know about your customers, the better you can engage them with targeted, relevant content that gets higher response rates. TowerData Email Intelligence provides valuable demographic, interest and purchase data on 80% of email or postal addresses in batch or via a...

3 ways to kickstart your sales force

Below is a guest blog by Gene Marks, a CPA, author, columnist, and owner of The Marks Group. Gene writes every day on small business for The Washington Post; twice a week for Forbes, and weekly for Inc, & Entrepreneur.

Because my firm sells customer relationship management sys...

The Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing In a CRM System

Below is a guest blog by Gene Marks, a CPA, author, columnist, and owner of The Marks Group. Gene writes every day on small business for the Washington Post; twice a week for Forbes and weekly for Inc, & Entrepreneur.

When considering a customer relationship management (CRM) system for one’s busi...

Introducing Zia Voice, a conversational AI for sales teams and much more.

We’re quite excited today to unveil Zoho CRM 2018, our smartest release ever. We are bringing to the market multiple innovations, improvements and additions to Zoho CRM. If we were to describe all of them in a single word, it would certainly be ‘smart’. Why?

At just one ...

3 ways to attract traffic to your website using Zoho CRM Plus.

Businesses today have a wide array of specialized tools for sales, marketing, and support. At the same time, these tools tend to push vital data in separate silos, making it difficult to see the whole picture and provide a consistent customer experience. With Zoho CRM Plus, we’ve solved th...

Which features in CRM are the most important to people?

Current business conditions are dictating the following list of CRM must-haves:
1. Simplicity and ease of integration: There's no sense in investing in CRM technology if you can't get your workers to use it. Nothing hurts adoption more than a difficult to use and difficult to implement application....
How to Adjust Pricing based on Qty in Zoho CRM Quotes Module

Zoho CRM is one of the most powerful CRM platforms in the market. A common process used by maverick entrepreneurs is the creation of Quotes under each Contact or Account as part of the Potential opportunity stage cycle.

Each Quote allows you to add multiple products so your Client can get an estimat...

Zoho CRM, The Rise of a SaaS Power House

There is nothing more impactful than well represented data on a trend chart, but below is whats going on around 3 major SaaS power houses.

Zoho CRM 2016 is now available. Zoho unveiled the new edition of its Zoho CRM. The greatest liberate ever brings multichannel sales, a manufacturer-new e-mai...

Zoho Boosts CRM with SalesInbox and Multichannel software

On-line business software company Zoho has come out with new offerings for multichannel communication and marketing-concentrated email administration. The software is designed to assist agencies build greater relationships with valued clientele who communicate with them in a wide variety of ways.