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At the heart of Zoho Reports is the predictable spreadsheet view of your data

just like the relaxation of the huge Zoho product line, self-provider company intelligence (BI) tool Zoho Reports is basically fully cloud-primarily based. Zoho Reports starts at $50 per month for the primary 5 users, with extra users and features costing a few extra $dollars per consumer per mon...

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Gathering data is an easy task anyone can do in the 21st century. Organizing the information is a process nearly every good BI software in the market can accomplish, but providing insightful facts from dynamic dashboards at an affordable price is something very few can brag about. Consider the fol...

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Conditional Formatting in Pivots and Summary Views offers enhanced features like adding/formatting text and icons to highlight your condition in addition to the earlier formatting capabilities. Click to know more.

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This is a simple yet useful zoho reports hack. When building pivot tables currency values as well as decimal fields do not always maintain the decimal places from the tables you are importing the data from.

Below is a quick gif that shows how to edit the format of the filed inside the pivot table fo...

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Google Analytics is one of the most ubiquitous tools of web marketing because it provides a lot of web traffic data. So much so that it can leave even the most equipped and experienced marketer feeling a bit overwhelmed.

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Zoho Reports: 7 Reasons to Implement a White-Labeled / Embedded BI Solution
Discover the game-changing benefits of white-labeled BI with Zoho Reports. Dive into 7 compelling reasons to embed business intelligence in your platform, boosting insights and driving growth.
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