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How to display images in an html email using public url
How to display images in an HTML email using public URL

There are several ways to accomplish this task.

One is to enable the printing settings directly in your html page as its shown on this solution below. The other is to place the URL´s as linked text

a. To print the view, place a linked text in the format given below:

<a href="http://creatorexp...

Scheduler is a powerful feature in Zoho Creator that allows the application owner to create timed actions without any user input. These timed actions can be executed periodically based on the date and time values present in your form or on fixed date and time.

Zoho Creator supports three types of sch...

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list  LogHistory_Report
    displayname = "LogHistory Report"
    show  all  rows  from  LogHistory [(Added_Time < '10-Nov-2015' && Added_Time > '01-Jun-2015')]
        Added_Time as "Added Time"
        Added_User as "Added User"

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Write the following code within the on add -> on validate block of the Script tab. In the following deluge code, the value of the field PatientID is calculated based on the form values specified for the First_Name and Last_Name and the value returned by the variable zoho.currenttime.

on add
on val...

You can manipulate a date field by using the + (to add) and - (to subtract) Operators or by using the Built-in date functions. For example, if you would like to add 364 days to a particular date field, say StartDate and display it in another field, define a formula field named ExpiryDate with expres...

To Edit Multiple Records,

  1. Select the records to be edited and click on the Bulk Edit option displayed below the Report header. For shared users, the Bulk Edit option will be displayed only if access permission is provided by the application owner.
  2. In the Bulk Edit dialog, select the column whose value...

In the following sample, if the year specified in the DateofBirth field is greater than the current year, the submit action will cancel. The script is added to the Form Actions -> on add -> on validate block to validate a new record and in the Form Actions -> on edit -> validate block to...

In a view, the columns are displayed in the order the corresponding fields in the form were created. It is, however, possible to rearrange the columns in a view. To do so:

  • Click on "Edit this application" and navigate to the required view.
  • From the left pane, from under "Display" c...

Right now it is not possible to duplicate a form directly. However, it is possible to do so via script. 

  • Click on "Edit this Application" and navigate to the particular form.
  • From the top strip displaying the Form name, mouse over on "More Actions" and click "Form Definition...